Learning Breakthrough

North Belfast

At Learning Breakthrough we deal with the root cause of Dyslexia, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders to unlock your child's potential. <br /><br />Since June 2010 we have been helping people of all ages. <br /><br />By treating the root cause through balance and co-ordination exercises the brain re-organises and processes information efficiently.<br /><br />Our own children struggled through school with low concentration, difficulty reading, homework frustrations and getting to sleep was a battle. Our staff have seen the benefits with their own children so understand the difficulties parents face. Our Occupational Therapists have over 25 years experience each.<br /><br /> The programme consists of: <br /><br /> 15 minutes, twice per day, for one year.<br /> Home based programme.<br /> Full support<br /><br />Contact us to book a FREE evaluation with myself and our team.<br /><br />Read our 'Happy Friday Updates' on our Facebook page Learningbreakthroughni

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