'Essentials in Understanding Your Teenagers'

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Do you have a pre-teen or teen? <br />Do you want to be prepared so you can avoid parenting pitfalls?<br />Or is their behaviour already leaving you wondering how best to respond?<br /> <br /> Here's what happens&hellip;..<br /> <br />Your child can change massively when they hit their teens; you've got to know their likes, dislikes and personality and then all of a sudden&hellip;.<br />They change!<br />Let's face it, the teen years can be difficult to parent and can often leave you questioning why something no longer works or you're not sure how and what to say.<br /> <br /> <br />Knowing you are being the best you can be and &lsquo;getting it right' can make a huge difference!<br /> <br /> <br />So whether or not you have concerns the main thing or key is feeling confident, positive and empowered in parenting your pre-teen/teen because it's here the breakthroughs and transformations are made!

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