Eleven Plus (11+) Vocabulary Flash Cards

Bexley wide

Concise pack of 200 high-frequency words, approximately 1300 synonyms/antonyms and simple sentences to explain different contexts all at one place.
Give your child a Vocabulary boost to help achieve higher Verbal Reasoning/English score in a short time and in an enjoyable way. Use it at bedtime or on the go to efficiently use the time while shopping, long drives etc.

Start in year 4/5 or even Year 3 for ambitious lot to build up the Vocabulary. This power pack comes with high positive feedback from parents and tutors.
Pack includes
- 100 cards printed front and back, words listed in alphabetical order
- 2 High quality rings to take selected cards on the go.
- 10 blank cards to make your own flash cards
- 2 Index cards (Mastered & To Do) to help segregate cards.
To Buy:
1. www.11plusflashcards.co.uk
2. Amazon - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Eleven-Plus-Flash-Cards-Vocabulary/dp/0993157009

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