Body by Vi '90 Day Challenge' Promoter

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We are looking for people to help to promote the 'Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge'.<br /><br />The Body by Vi Challenge is a healthy lifestyle, weight loss and/or fitness challenge. It is new to the UK from the US, where it is a $1 billion business. There is a limited opportunity to get involved from an early stage in the UK.<br /><br />You can do this by promoting the product to friends and contacts, and/or by hosting 'shake parties'. There is no 'hard sell' attached to this one!<br /><br />As a Body by Vi Promoter, you will benefit from training and team support, and you can receive financial rewards for your activity and meeting your targets. <br /><br />Find out more by viewing the video on our website and by registering for more information. <br /><br />If you know people who want to live a more healthy lifestyle, lose weight and/or or get fitter, contact us about becoming a Body by Vi Promoter!

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