Stress Relief for Mums & Little Ones


Isis Therapy - Relieving Stress for Mums, Babies and Children<br /><br />Jennie Harrison is a Reiki Master Practitioner who works with Mums, Babies &amp; Children who are suffering with stress or anxiety, struggling to sleep or have problems with eating a balanced diet. <br /> <br />Isis Therapy specialise in: <br />Helping babies and children to sleep through the night and to eat a healthy, balanced diet<br />Providing support and relieving stress and anxiety in mums, babies and children<br /><br />Does your Little One have difficulty sleeping or struggle with mealtimes?<br />Are you stressed, worn out or run down?<br />Are you trying to conceive, cope with pregnancy or the demands of a new baby?<br /><br />If you answered yes to any of the above, Isis Therapy can help you. Using a combination of practical support and Reiki Treatments, Isis Therapy works with Mums and their Little Ones to transform their lives from stressful to calm

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