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The Bullring Market


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  • Mrswilcox

    11-Jul-2013 Report

    Oh and there is also a v good Asian stall inside the covered market, which sells specialist fruit and vegetables. It's markedly more expensive, but if you want dragon fruit, samphire or wasabi peas, this is where to go.

  • Mrswilcox

    11-Jul-2013 Report

    I absolutely love the Bullring market.

    You can get really amazing bargains that make you never want to go to the supermarket again - bowls of mangos, tomatoes or avocados for £1; ripe strawberries, cherries for a fraction you'd usually spend. Obviously you have to keep your wits about you, check for over-ripeness, and make sure you have some cash on you, but it's a lot of fun.

    I also love the covered market, where you can get the freshest, most delicious fish. Pierce's stall sells fantastic seafood, mostly British - live crabs and mussels, langoustines, cockles and lobster. Some of the butcher stalls are a bit more brutal than we're used to - I had to distract my children from the pigs' heads and chicken feet - but there are some really excellent deals to be had.

    My six year old was completely captivated. The only problem is how to lug it all back to the car afterwards!

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