FOR SALE.Large selection of card making items


I am selling all of my card making stock and equipment as I am no longer able to spare the time to this hobby. You will be getting a huge selection including; <br />* Toppers <br />* Blank cards &amp; envelopes <br />* Embellishments <br />* Inserts <br />* Stamps &amp; ink <br />* Gems &amp; stick ons <br />* Outlines &amp; stick on greetings etc <br />* Clear card bags various sizes) <br />* Hole punches &amp; cutters <br />* Double sided tape (various sizes) &amp; stick pads <br />* Containers <br />* Various card making equipment <br /><br />Everything you'll need to start a hobby or a small business. <br /><br />The pictures don't do the stock justice and doesn't show everything. You really need to see them to appreciate the amount you get.<br /><br />I also have a large selection of Xmas card making items which you can have a look at and make me an offer!<br />There are also a large selection of cards that I have made which you can buy if you wish at 3 for &pound;1