Lego Parties and Saturday Lego Club


Lego Parties and a Saturday Lego Club for children over the age of five. <br />We offer a huge selection of Lego for a hands on building party experience. <br />Build A Brick Parties will arrive at your party venue or visit our premises for your child's party.<br />Build a box set, create your own or join in with our Lego themed party games. <br />Choose from a wide selection of Lego Zone Ranges for your party, we include &quot;Star Wars&quot;, &quot;Lego City&quot;, &quot;Harry Potter&quot;, &quot;Spongebob&quot;, &quot;Pirates of the Caribbean&quot;, &quot;Ninjago&quot;, &quot;Friends&quot;, &quot;Racers and tracks&quot;, &quot;Pharaoh's Quest&quot;, &quot;Alien Conquest&quot;, &quot;Monster Fighters&quot;, &quot;Disney's Cars&quot; Etc.<br />You will also meet Lego Ninjago Man who will pay a visit to the children and bring the birthday child a present.<br />We will be on hand to help you and your guests build and play. All your guests need to bring with them is their imagination!

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