Aurora Favourites - Ferret 8In

Queen's Park

The Stuffed Ferret 8 Inch Plush Woodland Animal by SOS is a lovable and fun way to learn about nature. Our ferret stuffed animal has a soft and floppy lightweight body that encourages children to keep it close by at all times. The body of our plush black-footed ferret is ten inches long which makes it easy to take on hikes, fishing trips, and any other enjoyable outdoor activities. A short and dense plush fur coat makes our stuffed black-footed ferret extremely pleasing to the touch and great for a napping companion after a long day outdoors. As with all of the quality stuffed animals made by SOS, the Stuffed Ferret 8 Inch Plush Woodland Animal consists of all new child safe materials and meets or exceeds all U.k. safety standards. Due to a plastic nose and plastic eyes, our ferret plush animal is recommended for ages three and up.