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Thomas Soud's Maths Tutoring

Brighton central

I am Thomas Soud and I am currently studying Double Maths in BHASVIC, regularly achieving 90% plus in the subject. I offer in person lessons for anyone in or around the Brighton area for £10/hour in person and for £5/hour for online lessons using Skype. Please feel free to phone or email to get in contact.

I attained an AS in maths a year early, A* in my GCSE, part of the BHASVIC maths team for 2014 and regularly achieve Gold in the UK Maths Challenge.
Outside of Maths I have spoken in the House of Commons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0ZHpwMRUNI (1:35.00), set up numerous successful organisations including the Brighton Youth Olympiad, Sussex Voice and Brighton Left. I have been a member of the Brighton and Hove Youth Council for 4 years, I was a Member of Youth Parliament for 2 and I am currently part of the procedures group for UK Youth Parliament.

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  • BranStark

    19-Mar-2016 Report

    Hi my name is Bran Stark. Last Thursday I got 4/100 in a physics test which really upset my legal guardian, Hodor. I live in the North but Thomas Soud is so well known that I was sent to the southern most city in the land to learn from him in the arts of science, language, maths and politics. Maester Thomas has helped me so much, would recomend everyone

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