Montpelier/Stokes Croft

  • £70

  • 4-Apr-2013

  • All ages

If full on co-sleeping isn't for you then a bedside cot is the best way of helping your little one - and YOU - get a good night's sleep. No getting up in the night for feeds - just roll over and snuggle baby next to you til they're fed and settled.<br /><br />The Brio / Global bedside cot is much sought after as the side lifts up and over (rather than down and under like the Mothercare / Cosatto versions) and so can be raised without having to move the cot away from the bedside. <br /><br />The cot is in v good, used condition. The only thing I would point out is that one of the original fixings has been lost and we have had to use a standard bolt and rubber washers to take its place - but, this does work well, providing a solid, stable fixing and we have had no problems with it. <br /><br />We also have a mattress that we will provide with it should you wish. <br /><br />Any questions please do get in touch.