Workshop for Women partners of sex addicts

Bristol Centre

Saturday mornings from 10.30 -12noon, from 28 March 2015. Meeting: Highly confidential – for women partners ONLY of sex addicts.
Sex addiction can have its tentacles into your relationship and leave you carrying a very heavy burden. Will it ever get better? Can he really stop the behaviours? Will I ever be able to trust him again? How do I know the children are safe?
Women partners of sex addicts are frequently overlooked when it comes to treatment regimes – which typically focus on the man. Here is an introductory, highly confidential workshop for women ONLY to consider just some of the issues raised above. To facilitate likeminded women find friendship and support amongst each other. Call me for a chat. Space limited and prior registration essential.

Gary McFarlane, is a Mediator, Relationship Counsellor, sex therapist, sex Addiction therapist & love Addiction therapist.

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