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  • HelpingKidsCope

    04-Mar-2014 Report

    A child, in a non-directive play therapy, is given the freedom to choose what toys, art media or materials are the best for him to meet his unique emotional needs and to express them in the most naturally and developmentally suitable way.

    If your child:
    Is not reaching his full social or learning potential
    Is continually unhappy, withdrawn, quiet
    Is misbehaving, gets involved in playground fights or often argues with peers/siblings/parents/teachers
    You think he/she suffers from ADHD
    Is at risk of being/is excluded from school
    Has suffered trauma
    Has suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse
    Is adopted or fostered
    Suffers because of separated, divorced parents
    Suffers from stress, anxiety or phobias
    Has suffered a loss or bereavement of any kind
    Deals with terminal illness of a family member
    Is ill, disabled, or autistic
    Finds it difficult to make friends
    Bullies or is being bullied

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