BabyCalm Mother & Baby Course


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Next Course starts 15th January<br /><br />This 4 week postnatal Mother &amp; Baby course gives new mothers the opportunity to learn more about parenting their new baby in an easy going, non-judgemental environment. <br /><br />The classes teach you:<br /><br />&bull; How to bond with your new baby<br />&bull; How to calm a crying baby<br />&bull; How to soothe baby colic<br />&bull; How to cope with a fussy baby<br />&bull; How to survive evening cluster feeds<br />&bull; How to help your baby to sleep a little more <br />&bull; Baby Touch Therapy - a unique light baby massage routine.<br />&bull; An introduction to babywearing (AKA: getting your arms back!)<br />&bull; Help you to feel more calm and confident as a new mum<br />&bull; Help you meet other new mums<br /><br />If you would like to learn more relaxed ways of parenting than following rules and routines set out by baby experts this is the course for you! This is a great mother and baby class best suited to babies from birth to 20 weeks of age.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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