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Customer Comes 1st Cleaning


Take a look at our innovative options and leave the cleaning to experts. Using only the best selected staff of cleaners, we have applied superior standards of cleaning. The care and attention of all our trained cleaners bring optimum results. They are vetted, insured and reliable. You can take advantage of our cleaning services, as often as you need, 7 days a week. We clean and maintain your property to meet your individual requirements.

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  • audreyrchr

    13-May-2016 Report

    I have pretty high standards when it comes to tidiness, but I was extremely happy with the cleaning provided by this company and it's amazing teams. My apartment has never been this clean since I first moved in. They even cleaned the insides of my garbage cans. I am planning on hiring them again in the future.

  • abbiehanson1353210

    05-Dec-2014 Report

    I made the mistake of using a Chem Dry cleaner a couple of years ago - learing half-way through the appointment that the method doesn't extract dirt, it just oxidises it and grinds it into the carpet, Then the last two annual cleanings were steam clean methods to undo the damage and get rid of the now ground in dirt and chemicals. While very satisfied with last years's company, Customer Comes 1st Cleaning did a better job for less.

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