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Goddington Carpet Cleaners


If you are starting to lose the will to carry on the fruitless battle against ever encroaching dust, dirt and household stains, then get in touch with us about our Goddington house cleaning.All of this means that when it comes to home cleaning, we are the company you should absolutely be using. We'll be around as soon as possible to help turn your house into the cleanest home you've ever lived in.

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  • KristiLong

    25-Nov-2014 Report

    I was so embarrassed about the way my home looked and I really needed some help to get it clean again but couldn't bring myself to hire a cleaning company in case they judged me. My house went downhill due to a long-term illness of depression where I couldn't face doing anything. In the end I had to swallow my pride and call Goddington Carpet Cleaners it seems silly now that I felt embarrassed about their arrival because they are far from judgemental they were anything but judgemental, nothing but kind, caring and considerate and the cleaning is pretty awesome too

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