Bromley wide

THURS 6.30-8pm

Yoga is an ancient practice which reduces anxiety, allows our bodies to regain suppleness and grounds our energy so that on and off the mat, we can meet our challenges with clarity and lightness.

Yoga's helped Gemma in countless ways - easing lower back problems & releasing creative energy. She practices Hatha yoga and designs her sessions to be a 'moving meditation' for body, mind and spirit.

Beginners/improvers welcome.

What Students Say
8 months ago, I was totally new to yoga and somewhat daunted attending my first class! But I needn't have been. Gemma's warm personality make it a pleasure, providing both support and challenge so you progress at your own pace and with confidence.

Jane Simber

Discovering Gemma's class, has been amazing. She has a natural teaching ability and I come away toned and relaxed but also spiritually uplifted.

Karolyn Mahony

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