Mindfulness with Stress Management


  • Lewisham

  • The Garden Room, Kingshurst Road, Lee, London, SE12 9LD

  • 07895922977

  • info@elliekopiel.co.uk

  • £185 (8 weekly sessions); Free 30min taster sessions.

The sessions are practically based: we will look at the ways in which mindfulness can be used in our daily lives as well as practicing meditation and learning breath awareness. I also bring in gentle stretching exercises which enable the body to release tension.

As parents or carers we can often get to breaking/screaming point. Practicing mindfulness can give us that short pause to breathe and regain composure and calmness.

Research has also shown that people who practiced mindfulness were 70% less likely to catch colds and 'flu, and if they did become ill they recovered more rapidly. JUST 5 MINUTES OF DAILY PRACTICE has beneficial results!

I have been practicing and teaching stress management techniques for over 20 years and have run numerous courses concerned with health and well being as well as seeing clients one to one.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

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