Personal Training In Private Studio


Hi, my name is Anne.

I'm a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer based in Beckenham/Elmers End.

I offer 1to1 and 2to1 sessions in my private studio or at your home.

I'm specialised in body weight exercises and free weight exercises.
I'm an expert in weight loss, body fat loss and body contouring/toning.

My opening times are:
Mon-Fri 5am-10pm
Sat&Sun 7am-3pm

I also give small (max group of 4) classes. The classes are 90min long, cost £15 and focus on 30min upper body (arms, chest, upper back), 30min lower body (legs, buttocks) and 30min core (abs, lower back, postural muscles).

The class times are:

Wed 8pm
Sat 9.30am
Sun 10am

Pre-booking for the classes is essential as only limited space available.

If you have any more questions, please call me or visit my website.

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