Birthways Antenatal Workshops

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‘Birthways' offers fun; informative; interactive Birth Preparation Workshops based on the ‘Birthing From Within' approach.
Would you like to feel confident, positive and empowered during your labour and the birth of your child?
Learn how to harness your unique personal strength and inner wisdom to birth through a balance of practical information, powerful insights and emotional preparation.
Build trust in birth, your body, your baby, each other and in your capacity to work with whatever challenges your birth journey may present to you without fear, anxiety or self-judgement. Birth partners will learn practical ways to be a true support.
They will be invaluable whether you are planning a home or hospital birth; expecting your first child, or would like to enhance a subsequent birth experience. Workshops may be taken instead of or to complement NCT or NHS classes.

Classes and Workshops run throughout the year. Group and bespoke one-to-one workshops offered. See website for details.

Edwina is a 'Birthing from Within' Childbirth Mentor; KG Hypnobirthing Practitioner; Life Coach and Shiatsu Practitioner specialising in Shiatsu for Maternity and Postnatal Period.

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