Maxi Cosi Axiss only 5 months old


  • £170.00

  • 18-May-2015

  • 9 months to 4 years

Maxi Cosi Axiss in excellent condition for sale. Never been in an accident. No rips or stains on the fabric. Suitable for 9 months to approx 3.5 years, or 9-18kg. Bought in Jan 2015 from John Lewis where it retails for £244.99 and we have the manual. Black colour. We love this car seat, and the swivel function has made it much easier to get our toddler in and out of the car, saving a lot of back strain! We would not be selling it unless we really had to. Unfortunately, we have bought a brand new make of car, just come out, and the seat belts are in quite a different position to our previous car. This means that the car seat isn't as secure as we would like and wobbles a little too much for comfort. It fitted perfectly securely in our last car, and would in most other car makes. We were never even slightly concerned about this issue before. Collection only, delivery not possible.