The Bubble Lady

High Wycombe

The Bubble Lady puts each child inside a giant soap bubble, creates volcano bubbles and gives all the children "smoke" bubbles to hold in their hands.

Have a bubble party for your child in your own home or at a hired venue. Bonnie's shows are relaxed and informal, enhanced with gentle music and fun for all ages. Young children, teenagers and even adults enjoy being put inside a bubble! There is no mess to worry about.

In nurseries and schools children will enjoy exploring science at a magical fun level and will be guaranteed to feel a sense of wonder as they participate in Bonnie's bubble making.

Her bubbling is a gentle sensory experience, ideal for children with special needs too.

A photographer will take beautiful photographs of the children inside their bubbles if you wish. Commission for schools and nurseries.

Bonnie has a CRB and Public Liability Insurance.

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