Interview Coaching & CV Writing

Buckinghamshire wide

Are you thinking about getting back to work but feel a bit rusty or just daunted by the whole process? I can help you by sprucing up your CV, ensuring you are a totally polished interviewee and providing general application support.<br /><br />I am a recruitment professional with over a decade of experience and have worked across many different industries. I know myself how daunting the process can be and pride myself on being warm and down to earth - I realise how nervous you may be, especially after being out of the industry for a while. We can iron out any slip-ups you may make or any nerves you may have without any damage to your professional reputation. I will be able to ease you back in, give you the practice you need and give you that all important boost in confidence, ready for the real thing.<br /><br />Do please visit my website for further details or get in touch. No obligation.