Reflexology treatments


Do you love to be pampered? Would you like to have better health?

Reflexology is a magical, relaxing therapy that instantly brings results. The body is mapped out onto the feet & by studying the feet an experienced reflexologist can see blockages and personality traits. Here are some of the benefits
*Boosts circulation
*Improves the immune system
*Reduces stress and tension
*Stabilises blood pressure
*Can help and reduce many ailments
*Deeply relaxes and helps the brain to switch off
*Rejuvinates the system.
I have been doing reflexology for over 20 years and have had marvellous results from very satisfied clients. I practice from Amersham, Farnham Common and will come out to the house also. A reflexology treatment with me will include
A full foot analysis
A full reflexology massage & aftercare.
If you wish to have a treatment please feel free to call, email or visit my website.

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