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George and Dragon Table Table Pub Restaurant


Enjoy our delicious menu at the George and Dragon Pub Restaurant and experience our special atmosphere.

What you'll find
At the George and Dragon Pub Restaurant you'll find our brilliant new menu as well as all of your usual Table Table favourites. You can find more information on this pub using the menu options above and below. If you'd like to book a table, please go to the Booking Enquiry tab on the top right of the page.

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  • Paperbag

    28-Oct-2013 Report

    ~ Who were you with?
    We went as a family. Two adults and two children (3.6years and 10months).

    ~ What did you and your group choose from the menu?
    We chose Oven Baked Cod with Apple Crumble; Chicken & BBQ ribs and Choc Fudge Cake; Kids pizza and kids ice cream; Kids pizza and kids Fruit and Choc Fondue. Various drinks including a liqueur coffee to finish. All very tasty and seemed homemade. The children loved the pizza! Fantastic ribs.

    ~ How was the general ambience of the restaurant?
    Very nice atmosphere. Everything nice and clean. Friendly staff. Good activities for the 3 year old and a great highchair for the baby. Good baby changing facilities and toilets.

    ~ How knowledgeable were the staff serving you?
    We didn't really have any questions for them but booking over the phone was easy and the waitress was friendly.

    ~ What did your children think of the visit?
    They had a great time. We were there for 2 hours and they didn't make a fuss at all! Loved the food.

    ~ What was the highlight of the visit?
    The food was much better quality than expected. It has a similar menu to a Beefeater/Harvester-type restaurant but produced in a much better way. Great family restaurant and good value for money.

    I was picked by MNHQ to review this product/ service, which I received for free. This review is in my own words and reflects my true opinion.

  • AndiMac

    27-Oct-2013 Report

    *When did you visit and which restaurant did you visit?*
    We visited the George and Dragon pub in Marlow for lunch today, Sunday October 27.
    *Who were you with?*
    My husband and children, aged 6 and 4.
    *What did you and your group choose from the menu?*
    I had the sirloin steak, husband had haddock and chips. The children chose from the children's menu a pizza with sides of mash and chips (don't ask) and macaroni and cheese with chips and peas.
    *How was the general ambience of the restaurant?* We really enjoyed the ambience. It was family friendly and welcoming, but cozy enough to feel a bit upmarket.
    *How knowledgeable were the staff serving you?* They were all very helpful and knowledgeable.
    *What did your children think of the visit?* The kids ^loved^ the restaurant and asked if we could go again next weekend - and this before dessert! They liked the big couch we were seated on, the kids' activity packs and especially liked the pictures of the meals and side dishes to choose from on the children's menu.
    *What was the highlight of the visit?* When the server brought over the kids' activity packs and we got a few minutes of peace with the kids involved with them. The desserts were also very good, reasonably priced and tasty!

    *Any other comments?*
    The food was good, but not above average. It was very family friendly and we felt everything was decently priced. My husband mentioned there was a problem with the sinks in the men's washroom which detracted from the ambience over all, but in general we were both happy with the atmosphere in the pub. The service was very friendly and helpful. There are plenty of offers and encouragements to go again, which we will probably eventually do.

    ^I was picked by MNHQ to review this product/ service, which I received for free. This review is in my own words and reflects my true opinion.^

  • HanJac80

    15-Oct-2013 Report

    I went to the George and Dragon in Marlow for lunch yesterday, with my husband, one year old daughter and my parents. In a nutshell this pub is exactly what you'd expect from a chain pub - food perfectly edible but nothing special - with a baffling number of deals and offers on food. A pleasant pub restaurant with plenty of space for my daughter to wander around.

    We ordered calamari, garlic and herb mushrooms, chicken liver pate and buffalo wings to start, followed by fishcakes, scampi and the waitress's recommendation of spinach and ricotta lasagne, with fishfingers, peas and rice for my daughter.

    Children were accommodated, although there were a few areas lacking. The children's menu very sensibly gave the option to pick and choose which vegetables/starch to have with the main. I was pleased to see salad sticks offered as a starter, although no fruit option for dessert which was a shame. There were plenty of highchairs, and there didn't appear to be too much horror expressed at the amount of mess my daughter was making! That said, my daughter's meal (from the kid's menu) was served on an enormous plate that was too hot to touch, and I was also disappointed to find the baby change was only in the ladies (although there did appear to be a sign saying there was one in the gents too but we couldn't see it).

    Staff were friendly and service was generally attentive, with recommendations, advice on what they'd run out of, and a warning about the spiciness of the buffalo wings.

    The main disappointment was in trying to interpret all the offers that were available - the table was littered with different menus with different deals. Some dishes appeared on both the (cheaper) lunch and main menu, and the waitress was careful to explain to us that the dishes were exactly the same, but they were cheaper on the lunch menu. What we weren't told was that we needed to actually say "I want it from the cheap menu" when ordering, even though the dish was exactly the same, so the more expensive option appeared on our bill until we queried it. But the most misleading deal was one advertised as "Kids eat free before 6pm". As this was a lunch at 1pm and I scrutinised the small print on the menu...term time only etc etc...I felt confident that we'd be eligible for this, but no. When we questioned it as it appeared on our bill, we were told that the offer is only valid from 3pm-6pm. Although the menu mentions the ubiquitous "terms and conditions apply" NOWHERE on any of the many different menus did it say that the offer started at 3pm. After a bit of an argument this was removed from our bill, but the menu is clearly designed to mislead.

    All in all, I would describe this as a fairly standard chain pub. I wouldn't avoid it, but I probably wouldn't particularly recommend it either - "it does what it says on the tin" is how my dad described it.

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