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The Charter Table Table Pub Restaurant


Enjoy our delicious menu at The Charter Pub Restaurant and experience our special atmosphere.

What you'll find
At The Charter Pub Restaurant you'll find our brilliant new menu as well as all of your usual Table Table favourites. You can find more information on this pub using the menu options above and below. If you'd like to book a table, please go to the Booking Enquiry tab on the top right of the page.

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  • negrilbaby

    26-Oct-2013 Report

    ~ When did you visit and which restaurant did you visit?
    We visited the Charter in Aylesbury, Saturday 26th October - 6 p.m. sitting
    ~ Who were you with?
    DH, DS 5 years, DD 3 years
    ~ What did you and your group choose from the menu?
    DH and I had lamb shanks for main. Meat was cooked nicely and served with mash and cabbage however it would have benefited from more seasoning as it was a little bland.
    Both kids had the children's portions of scampi and chips. DS requested salad instead of the peas that came with the meal - and this was accommodated without fuss. Both meals were eaten without fuss - so must have tasted good.
    Deserts - DS and I had strawberry ice-cream. It was difficult to tell the difference between the two but mine was £3.49 and DS' was 99p (children's meal). The portion sizes looked the same and they were served in identical bowls! I have no complaint about the amount of ice-cream I was served - it was plenty - just not sure why there was such a difference in price between two identical plates. It tasted very cheap - odd pink colour and quite an artificial taste.
    DH had the Bramley apple crumble. He complained that it was very very sweet (the toffee fudge sauce on top probably).
    DD had the Mini chocolate challenge which she loved (vanilla ice-cream with a wafer, marshmallows, squares of chocolate brownies, and chocolate sauce).
    The desert menu is very stodgy. Big portions, all very very sweet, no delicacy!
    ~ How was the general ambience of the restaurant?
    The restaurant was perfect for families - not sure I would want to have a romantic dinner there.
    The space was split up into lots of little nooks so it didn't feel crowded and we didn't feel like we had to be on at the kids all the time.
    The table was a little small when all the plates, glasses appeared - mainly because so much space is taken up with the menus and advertising bumf.
    Toilets were clean and nicely decorated.
    ~ How knowledgeable were the staff serving you?
    Shown to the table by the manager and waiter appeared very promptly to take a drinks order and to give us the menus. He returned quickly with the drinks and the children's packs. The packs kept the kids busy until the food arrived.
    Loved the fact that the waiter brought kid sized cutlery over for the children - which meant they were able to eat without danger to eyes and limbs.
    Waiter was attentive without being annoying.
    Bit surprised to hear they had no steak available (6p.m. on a Saturday evening)
    ~ What did your children think of the visit?
    The children enjoyed themselves. Ate all their food (a real complement). They loved the packs and insisted everything came back with us.
    ~ What was the highlight of the visit?
    Food that the kids liked and ate.

  • sanchan

    22-Oct-2013 Report

    When did you visit and which restaurant did you visit?
    We visited The Charter in Aylesbury on Sunday 13th October at 5 pm.

    ~ Who were you with?
    There were 5 of us all together, me, DH, DS1 (10), DD (7) and DS2 (4).

    ~ What did you and your group choose from the menu?
    There was a huge amount of choice on the menu, and we all chose something different. The two younger children had the children's menu- my son chose a grilled chicken breast, chips and peas, my daughter cheese and tomato pizza, garlic bread and corn on the cob. My eldest son had a cheeseburger, chips sand onion rings from the adult menu. My husband went for a mixed grill and in had the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. The portions were big, so only the children managed desert- the children's creation of ice cream, brownie chnks, chocolate sauce and marshmallows was a huge hit, as was the banana split. My eldest went for the chocolate and honeycomb sundae which was big and very sweet! we had coffees- they serve Costa coffee in house.

    ~ How was the general ambience?
    The restaurant and bar were both busy. Nice friendly atmosphere with lots of families with younger children around. We had a table that was in its own booth which was nice as the children could spread out without disturbing anyone.

    ~ How knowledgeable were the staff serving you?
    The staff were very friendly and knew the menu well. They told us the specials and also recommended other dishes they thought we might like. Very chatty with the children.

    ~ What did your children think of the visit?
    The children loved it! They liked the variety of the menu and the relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant. The activity pack was great for the younger two, and they older ones were extremely pleased free pop refills!

    ~ What was the highlight of the visit?
    The puddings!

  • brownchestnut

    17-Oct-2013 Report

    I visited the Charter in Aylesbury last Saturday with my partner, daughter ages 10 and baby boy aged 7 months. We arrived about 2.45 and we didn't have to wait long to be given a table in a not well lit area of the pub. I spotted a handful of tables free in nice room, where big windows let the sunlight come through. I asked to sit there instead and was happy to hear that there was no problem at all.
    The staff member made sure that we were confortably seated, handed the menus and advised us that another member of staff called Kelly would be dealing with our orders. She came a few minutes after and took our orders. The drinks came first. My daughter's choice was the wrong dring but she didn't mind.
    I thought that the starters and main meals took a while to arrrive, but that's maybe because we were feeling hungry. I ordered garlic bread and a vegetarian lasagna, my partner ordered breaded mushrooms and chicken curry and my daughter asked for garlic bread and vegetarian sausages with garlic bread and chips. All the food that was served was correc, except that my daughter was served baked beans instead of chips. We alerted the member of staff who apologized and quickly brought a portion of chips.
    The quality and taste of food was very nice. Throughout our meal, the member of staff came to see us and asked if everything was up to our preferences. We liked the personalized customer service.
    We also ordered some desserts, which came fairly quickly and were tasty.
    The premisses were very clean, tidy and attractive.
    All staff that we have interacteded with were very friendly and knowledgeable. We had a very positive experience with the Charter and a very nice family meal. Thank you MumsNet for selecting us!
    My daughter loved the pub and the food and asked to come back again. We will probably come back as we enjoyed it.
    The ambience of the restaurant was nice and chilled, with country music being played in the background. I liked the restaurant's decoration and all customers seemed to be happy.
    The highlight of the visit was how the friendly staff made us feel welcome and were prepared to attend to our wishes with a genuine smile.

    Thank you MumsNet for selecting us to review this restaurant!

  • youmaycallmeSSP

    16-Oct-2013 Report

    I visited The Charter in Aylesbury on a Saturday evening with DH, 3yo DS and 11mo DD.

    We chose the sharing platter as a starter. DS had fish fingers, sweet corn and peas from the children's menu, with a strawberry sundae for pudding, and DD had pasta, peas and baked beans and a plain ice cream. DH had the steak and ale pie and a chocolate sundae and I had a rump steak and an apple crumble with custard.

    The general ambience was warm and inviting. It was dark and pouring with rain and the restaurant was nicely lit outside, with a cosy feel inside. We hadn't visited before but the barman spotted we were lost and pointed us in the right direction. We were greeted warmly when we arrived at the restaurant area and seated immediately. Our group was seated in a sort of mini-room in the main restaurant area, which was lovely - we could see other people and hear the chatter but it wasn't too noisy, even though we were right outside the kitchen.

    Megan was our waitress for the evening. She told us the daily specials and knew all about the vouchers. We didn't have any particular questions but she gave us lovely, friendly service. Every member of staff we spoke to was unrushed and I was pleasantly surprised that the phone was answered both times I rang, once to book the table and then to say we were going to be late Everyone was helpful and no one batted an eyelid at DS sleeping through the starter ( again), DH knocking his drink over (argh!) or me BFing DD.

    DS enjoyed the meal once he woke up and especially liked the strawberries in his ice cream. DD isn't talking yet but she had fun looking around and trying to escape from her highchair.

    The highlight of our visit was definitely the strawberries in the ice cream. Yum!

    Other comments: I was impressed by the cleanliness of the table and highchair. Sometimes restaurant highchairs are filthy but everything here was spotless. On the highchair point, we had a wooden type with straps that go over the baby's head to keep them in and to stop them falling out through the bottom. I really don't like using straps with restaurant highchairs (see point on cleanliness above!) so a t-bar type with two leg gaps would be better.

    I really liked the photos on the children's menu but I would have liked to see a 'tiny portion' option for babies. That said, the provision for children was excellent, especially the small cutlery and the addition of baby-friendly celery sticks to the starter we ordered.

    There was a good selection on the adult main menu but I would have really liked to be able to choose a smaller portion size of the main meals. I saw this option on the 'junior menu' - can adults choose these too?

    Overall, a lovely evening out.

    I was picked by MNHQ to review this product/ service, which I received for free. This review is in my own words and reflects my true opinion.

  • mockorange

    15-Oct-2013 Report

    I visited The Charter in Aylesbury on Sunday 13th October, with the table booked for midday when they opened. I went with DH and DS (almost 6)

    DH picked garlic mushrooms and blue cheese dip, a T-bone steak and a banoffee sundae. I had nachos, spinach and ricotta lasagne and raspberry cheesecake. DS had child nachos, pizza and the mini chocolate challenge. We don't usually do all three courses but decided to go for it!

    There were very few folk when we first got there, as we were some of the first arrivals. We were in a corner overlooking the very rainy carpark, and didn't realise that the place was getting packed. We were put under a speaker with music blaring out and we asked for it to be turned down a bit. The place filled up rapidly and there wasn't a table to be had by the time we left.

    The staff were pretty good. I am useless at remembering names but the lady we had was very good. I made a point of watching her with the other groups in our section and we weren't just getting good service because of the vouchers, everyone was treated the same. We got a book of new offers and a card, and I think that we may be using it again.

    DS thought it was fun, though didn't much like his pizza as it was a home-made oval base (unlike the picture on the menu) and it was extremely solid! Even I couldn't cut it! (This is the only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars.) Liked the poster and the activity sheet.

    We all enjoyed the food (and ate too much!), and DH was very impressed they cooked his steak right!

    I loved that the veggie symbol was also by the desserts. I wish I had a pound for every time I've had to ask whether a dessert has gelatine in...

    I was picked by MNHQ to review this product/ service, which I received for free. This review is in my own words and reflects my true opinion.

  • MumofBoysBicester

    12-Oct-2013 Report

    I forgot to add. I was picked by MNHQ to review this product/ service, which I received for free. This review is in my own words and reflects my true opinion.

  • MumofBoysBicester

    12-Oct-2013 Report

    I visited The Charter in Aylesbury this lunchtime (Saturday) with my husband and two sons, aged 9 months and 2¼ years. It looks like a chain pub, as you'd expect, and is clean and light. We were seated in an area opposite the bar with a couple with another baby and all the other tables were filled by the time we left, mainly with other people with children.

    I had booked online initially as no one had answered the phone when I first rang and then followed up a few days later to make sure that they had the vouchers waiting for me. The staff were very pleasant and helpful although they did seem understaffed once it got a bit busier. We were told the specials and about the meal deal that was available on a Saturday. We were also given a Table Table loyalty card on arrival and a book of vouchers with our bill.

    High chairs were provided and our drinks orders were taken whilst we sorted out the children. We didn't ask for an activity pack but weren't offered one either but looking at the ones the children on the table next to us had been given they weren't suitable for a 2 year old so it was a good job I'd taken crayons and paper with me.

    There wasn't anything on the menu for my 9 month old so we gave him the pre-prepared food we'd taken. This isn't unusual for a pub but on a previous visit to The Charter a year ago the menu was different and they did have baby food.

    My 2 year old had grilled chicken breast with chips and garlic bread followed by the sweetie sundae, all for £3.99. There were healthier options but I chose something I knew he'd eat as he's recovering from an asthma attack. The plate and meal were very hot so I ended up giving him another plate and some of my chips until his had cooled down. He said that the main meal was “very tasty” and loved the popping candy. He was amazingly well behaved for the full 90 mins we were there.

    I had half a chicken with salad and chips followed by a chocolate honeycomb sundae and my husband had the mixed grill followed by the trio of desserts. They were hot, well cooked and seasoned but a bit overpriced for what they were. We didn't use any vouchers but the meal would be good value if we'd used the buy one main get one free coupon that was available online. The only, quite minor, thing that we didn't like was the crockery. My meal was served on a long narrow rectangular plate, which I find awkward unless I'm having sandwiches, and my husband didn't like his chips being in a cup.

    My 2 year old has a peanut allergy so I asked if there were nuts in the Rocky Road sundae. The waitress came out with a huge folder of allergy information for each dish, which I have now found on the Table Table web site too. This is extremely helpful when you have a child with multiple allergies.

    I will go back to The Charter if I'm in the area and want a standard (you know what you're going to get) pub meal, but will check online to see if there are any special offers on first.

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