Blissful Birthing


FREE one hour consultation;

Finding it hard not to worry about labour and the upcoming birth of your baby?
Dreading the pain and how you will cope?
If this is what your thoughts are focused on when you think about the birth of your baby and it is starting to feel overwhelming then please, come and talk to me.

I will give you an hour of my time to talk through;
Why you are worrying about labour being painful
Give you some proven actions to start improving the way you feel, straight away
Show you the best way to approach your birth and get you back in control, and feeling less worried about this important event in your life.
Share with you how I helped others achieve a positive, stress free pregnancy and birth and how you can improve the way you feel, with my help.

Text 07843 055587 or email to book your space. Limited to 8 per month.

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