Martial Arts for all ages

High Wycombe

The Academy &ndash; Modern Martial Arts Taught With Traditional Values<br />Award Winning Little Dragons Programme, 4 &ndash; 6 year olds<br />Children's Taijustsu Classes, 7 &ndash; 11 years<br />Youth Taijutsu Classes, 12 &ndash; 16 years<br />Adult's Taijustsu, 17 years up<br />Specialist Self-Defence Courses<br />Private Tuition and Coaching<br />Elite Mixed Martial Arts &amp; Kickboxing Training &ndash; 17 plus only<br /><br />Originally started in 1986, The Academy has taught many hundreds of Wycombe students over the years! Building on our reputation as a centre of martial arts excellence, we continue to promote all the positive values and qualities of the arts.<br /><br />We teach a style of martial art called Taijutsu. It contains many techniques similar to those found in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Jiu Jutsu. Taijutsu is an excellent method of self-defence. Sensei John also teaches an outstanding Kick Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts programme.

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