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Baby Sensory's award winning baby development classes are now running in your area. You will experience different sensory activities designed to support your baby's sensory development every week. <br /><br />Monday &ndash; The Salvation Army, Tenison Road, Cambridge<br />10-10.55am (7-13 months)<br />11.15am &ndash; 12.10pm (0-7 months)<br />12.30 &ndash; 1.25pm (0-13 months)<br /><br />Tuesday &ndash; 1st Ely Scouts Hall<br />10&ndash;10.55am (7-13 months) <br />11.15am &ndash; 12.10pm (0-7 months) <br /><br />Tuesday &ndash; Caldecote Village Hall<br />10-10.55am (7-13 months)<br />11.15am &ndash; 12.10pm (0-7 months)<br /><br />Wednesday - Bar Hill &ndash; Village Hall<br />10&ndash;10.55am (7-13 months) <br />11.15am &ndash; 12.10pm (0-7 months) <br /><br />Thursday &ndash; Trumpington Village Hall<br />10&ndash;10.55am (7-13 months) <br />11.15am&ndash;12.10pm (0-7 months) <br />12.30&ndash;1.20pm (0-7 months)<br /><br />Friday &ndash; The Orchard Community Centre, Cambridge<br />10&ndash;10.55am (7-13 months) <br />11.15am &ndash; 12.10pm (0-7 months) <br /><br />For further details and to register, visit our website.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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