Afternoon Tease


Opening hours…

Tues – Fri 8am 'til 6pm

Sat 9am 'til 5pm

Sun 10am 'til 5pm

Homemade Cakes, Coffee, Tea, Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch

To give you a bit of background about…my name is Jo Kruczynska and I'm a cake baker, supplying cakes to local cafes, hosting cake based events, co-hosting Plate Lickers Supper Club and now living my dream of opening a brand new cafe in Cambridge.

I've been busy planning and working towards opening my own cafe for 7 years and started blogging my baking adventures a few years ago to share recipes and cafe, restaurant and supper club experiences and recommendations.

You can follow my cafe adventure on my blog and you can also sign up to receive my news here.

Find me on Twitter @AfternoonTease

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