Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop


Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop
Heath Farm, Shelford Bottom
Cambridge CB22 3AD UK

Our busy farm shop is home to a host of foodie treasures, from fresh fruit and vegetables and weekly store cupboard essentials, to our in-house butchery and freshly frozen fish. Whether you are after the ingredients to cook up the weekly family meals, or an elaborate dinner party, you will find them here. And of course should you have one of those days where cooking is just too much, then we have a great range of homemade ready meals on hand as well.

Our greengrocer Paul comes in every day to stock up our fresh fruit and vegetables. He brings up the top produce, both from local sources and from the London markets, to make sure we have a great selection. If you spot him you might also compliment him on his top creative skills in arranging the colourful produce in beautifully crafted piles.

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