Norfolk Street Bakery


A meal is not a meal without bread

Adilia's Norfolk Street Bakery specialises in the best loved European breads.

Daily baked loafs of the traditional British favourites Sourdough, Wholemeal and Bloomer together with a selection of delicious Mediterraneans Rustic breads, crackly golden crust French Baguettes and rich German Ryes, are some of the fresh specialities found at the Bakery. For every single loaf, we give the dough all the time it needs to develop the rich and wonderful flavours that make great bread.

For the sweet tooth there is a wide selection of pastries, including danishes, cookies and cakes that go great together with a cup of tea or a Cappuccino made of fresh ground coffee beans. You can also find at the Bakery a choice of the finest Portuguese delicacies.

All breads and pastries are made with organic flours and lots of LOVE!

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