Nuffield Health


Discover an innovative approach to gyms at our Fitness & Wellbeing Centre.

When you join Cambridge Fitness & Wellbeing Centre, you'll experience Nuffield Health's unique 3-step gym plan which is expertly designed to help you reach your personal fitness goals.
Your journey with us begins with our 12-point Health MOT from which you'll obtain a 'health score'. Three months later, after undertaking your personalised gym programme, we'll carry out a second Health MOT. If you have not maintained or improved your score you'll be free to leave with no obligation.

It's our passionate aim to improve your health and wellbeing. We'll even give you £100 worth of rewards to redeem in gym if you succeed in improving your fitness.
With us you also have access to various specialists, including wellbeing advisors, physiotherapists, personal trainers and free monthly 'Meet our experts' health events.

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