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Pata-Cake Day Nursery


Patacake Sedley Court
Caring for children age four months to five years.

We aim to give every child the opportunity to mix with other children. To learn to give and take. To work in harmony with others. To exchange information and to experience positive relationships outside their immediate family, in a well ordered, calm, friendly atmosphere with supportive adults close at hand.

We strive to provide an ever changing, stimulating environment where children can learn the joy of discovery. This is achieved with a constant change of interesting subjects and activities to stimulate their natural inclination to explore.

We recognise that all children are individuals and take great care to accommodate their differences.

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  • SummerLightning

    21-Feb-2014 Report

    Patacakes is amazing, my two children have both been there. They have a low turnover of staff who are lovely. Both of my children have been very happy there.
    The only thing I didn't like is they don't provide food (though fees are cheaper as a result i think) so you have to do packed lunch. Some people may prefer this, but I would have preferred the convenience of not having to think about it!

    They are also VERY flexible on hours, which is great. You can specify your child's hours (subject to availability obviously) to the nearest 15 minutes.

    They are massively oversubscribed though. To get a baby in you will pretty much need to put down their name when you are first pregnant (no joke). They give siblings priority and some years they seem to have no vacancies for new babies.

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