Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage


Pregnancy massage from the Body Active Massage Clinic is available for ladies with uncomplicated pregnancies in their second & third trimesters. Massage therapist, Zoe Wilcox, will help to ease your aches and pains away as you carry your little one to term.

Massage can help with back ache, neck ache, sleep deprivation and tired feet. Studies have shown that pregnancy massage can decrease back and leg pain, improve sleep, reduce anxiety & improve mood. The massage can be done side-lying on a massage couch, or seated if preferred.

Massage is an important part of looking after your body during pregnancy. It can relax the tired muscles, which are overworking with the extra load you have to carry. The increased hormonal activity and weight gain of carrying your baby also put stresses on the body. These stresses can be soothed with a relaxing massage.

Post-natal massage is also available.

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