Si5 Spymissions

Cambridge outskirts

Si5 Spymissions Cambridge is a spy-themed Action Adventure Centre: Inside SpyMissions we have built UNS Steadfast, a state of the art battle cruiser that has been seized by terrorists! Your mission: stop the terrorists launching a nuclear missile!
The ship is divided into 16 rooms each containing an objective which you'll need to
complete to stop the terrorists launching the missile. The objectives are a mix of
physical tasks, dexterity and mental challenges, and the clock's ticking!
On each mission you will be set 4/5 of these objectives, they are changed
monthly making each visit to SpyMissions unique.
Each team has a guide who can help with any objectives you struggle with.
SpyMissions is fantastic for parties! We have a 5* rated cafeteria so parties can include a delicious hot meal cooked whilst the team are doing their mission. See our website for AMAZING party offers!

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