St. Neots Time Bank

St Neots

Covering: Eynesbury, St Neots, The Eatons, The Paxtons, The Offords Croxton, Buckden, The Priory, Loves Farm and Papermill Lock

TimeBank is a voluntary group with a difference, helping each other and being paid with ‘Time'. Hours to get those niggling jobs done, those you don't have time for and those you don't like doing.
Open to all ages..
We can help students with professional tutoring in Mathematics, Science, Geography, English and Geology to GCSE and A Level.
We can help the unemployed with professional tradesmen to pass on their skills. Makes a good reference on CV's too.
We can help busy people to get jobs done that they don't have time for.
We can help the elderly to do the jobs they can't manage.
We can help the lonely by being there for them.
Everyone has something to offer in return – the list is never ending.
No money exchanged other than for materials.

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