Free Cakes For Kids


Free Cakes for Kids is a community service to families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child.
The cakes are baked by volunteers from the local community with the child's favourite theme or style in mind. It is free, friendly and confidential.
At the heart of our Free Cakes for Kids group are individual birthday cakes.
Put simply we match two parties: families in need & passionate home bakers.
What difference does a cake make?
A cake made especially for a child can make a huge difference to their special day! One which nobody else will ever have. It makes them feel special and appreciated.
They have something to share with their friends & family & it creates a party & a special smile!
If you know a child who would benefit from our service or if you think your child will qualify please do get in touch.
If you want to be a volunteer/sponsor please contact us too!

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