Mr Marvel & Mrs Marvella

County Wide

Magic, Punch & Judy, The Live Rabbit, disco, snow & bubble machine.

The Mr Marvel Magical Fun show is full of life. From start to finish your children will be captivated. They will be riveted to the spot during the show and dancing their socks off at the disco, with the games bubble machine and snow machine enticing even the hardiest of boys onto the dance floor! (the bubble and snow machines leave no mess!!!).

Every show is tailored according to the age range - so no one is left out! The party works both at home or in a hall.

The whole party is action packed from start to finish - hardly a moment to catch breath - and at the end there's always a "I don't want to go home..." from many young party goers.

Mr Marvel is completely professional and utterly reliable. Mr Marvel is in control from start to finish - but you'd never know it!

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