Baby James' Starlight Trust

County Wide

Charity No: 1151570. Mitochondrial Disease and other undiagnosed conditions.

We aim to relieve the needs of children who are suffering from Mitochondrial disease and other undiagnosed conditions and to support their families in the UK

He was taken ill at less than 3 months old (May 2011) with an 'undiagnosed' disease that made him prone to infection both bacterial & viral. He spent more times in Great Ormond Street/ Hinchingbrooke/ Addenbrookes hospitals than at home. he always smiled at everyone and he loved to laugh, that to both his mother and father was courage far beyond anyone's understanding. Inspite of everyone's efforts to save him.... there was nothing more they could of done for him... his parents brought him back home where he belonged and he died in their arms days later (Sep 2012

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