Real Nappy Guru - Cloth Nappies


I'm Hannah, mum to Reuben and am the Peterborough and South Lincolnshire reusable nappy advisor for

I am passionate about using Real / Reusable / Cloth nappies for your baby for these main reasons:
They will save you a fortune; approx £700 for one child from birth to potty compared to disposables
They are better for your baby's skin; no nasty chemicals in sight
They save the environment; no yucky nappies going to landfill
They are so simple to wash and dry; gone are the days of soaking, boil washing and safety pins!
They are super cute!

I am able to provide no obligation tailored advice to your needs and am very happy to come to your house (or mine) to have a play around with some different types of nappies.

I can also come and do demonstrations for Mums and Tots groups, groups of friends etc within Peterborough, South Lincolnshire, Oundle and beyond.

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