Real Nappy Guru - Cloth Nappies


Working with to offer genuine & honest advice on real nappies to parents and parents-to-be to help them make the right choice of reusable nappies that will work for their family.

I have first-hand experience of using Real / Reusable / Cloth nappies and reusable wipes with my daughter and know how much money you can save and how easy cloth nappies are to use. Add to that reduced landfill and no harsh chemicals against your baby's sensitive skin and it is definitely a winner!!

I can arrange demonstrations of real nappies and accessories for local groups or individuals - a wide range of nappies are available and can be purchased through me, from pre-folds to All in ones, and sized or birth-to-potty designs.

Get in touch if you are curious and want to know more!

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