Buy Stuff. Sell Stuff. Love Your Community.


OurMarketplace is here for individuals who have genuine items for sale, it is not set up for commercial sellers. It's for people who want to sell to other people like them, linked to similar clubs and schools and who enjoy similar activities.

We set out to create -

An easy way for local people, who are linked to a particular organisation, to buy and sell their unwanted stuff.

An alternative way to raise money for your local organisations at the same time as making money for yourself.

We hope it is what you need to help you buy and sell all the stuff for those great activities you want to have a go at.

We know just how hard it is to raise money for local schools, clubs, charities and causes. We're baking cakes, holding car boot sales and asking or being asked for sponsorship.

We created OurMarketplace to enable people to fundraise whilst making money for themselves.

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