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Here at ActiveWoman, we offer Health & Fitness Solutions for Women, from online courses and booklets, to group classes and 1 to 1 session, designed for Women.

With leading experts in Nutrition, Women's Fitness, Woman's Health Physiotherapy and Matters of the Mind

We aim to educate you on how you can improve your fitness & health, so that once your programme is finished you can continue to improve.

Easy to Follow
With clear written and audio instructions, photos and videos, we aim to make your exercise techniques perfect.

Home based
No need for fancy equipment except a swissball, band, gliders and a mat, you don't need a gym.

As women, we are used to fitting a lot into our lives, leaving us not much spare time.

Key Life Stages
We want to help you, whether you are a new mum, pregnant, hitting the menopause, or simply want to shape up.

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