Huntingdon Islamic Education & Prayer Centre

Hunts/St Ives/Ramsey

Huntingdon Islamic Education and Prayer Centre is a non-profit organisation.

The growing muslim population of Huntingdon were in need of a place to worship. Initially, there was no fixed place of prayer and temperory places were very difficult to book.
In 2000, it was decided by the elders that a house was to be purchased that is our current location.
MashaAllah the Muslim population of Huntingdon continued to grow and an application for an extension was put in place. In 2007, the extension was approved and building work commenced. The Prayer Hall is now able to accomodate many worshippers, with the busy times being Jummah (Friday) and Eid Prayers.
Want to visit us?
Huntingdon Islamic Education and Prayer Centre is open to visitors throughout the year.
All we ask is to get in touch with us prior to your visit and we will be delighted to assist you to our mosque.

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