Lazy Daisy® & Daisy Birthing method

County Wide

Quite simply our antenatal classes are all about birth cofidence and well being. We work on physical and mental readiness for birth, an understanding of active birth and a time to relax with pregnant friends. Our weekly antenatal classes are designed to suit all shapes and sizes, all fitness levels and flexibilities, and all birth journeys! Daisy Birthing® (and our FEDANT accredited antenatal teacher training) is an antenatal class underpinned by movement (move to improve and rotate to dilate), to wire active birth principals into your sub conscious so that they simply play out on d-day! It is designed to help you feel in control during your labour and to recover quickly. Most of all it is designed to help you feel positive whatever turn your birth journey takes.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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