Laserforce - Peterborough



Laserforce is an exciting, participation fantasy game allowing players to be the space hero that they have always wanted to be, in a safe environment. Using laser guns (totally safe), players battle friends or foes and our own computer controlled alien within a futuristic, visually exciting, interactive arena where laser beams, pierce the darkness in a pyrotechnic display reminiscent of Star Wars.

Players wearing illuminated Battlesuits and armed with Phaser Guns hide behind protective cover and manoeuvre through our themed maze - shooting all the while.

Laserforce is the most advanced computer controlled laser games system in the world and offers a great time for all participants, irrespective of their age or experience.

Laserforce is fun whether it is for a family day out, a birthday party, a corporate event or just to meet up with friends.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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