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St Neots

Boo Boo Designs is affectionately known as the home of quality baby and children's toys, such as children's money banks and baby cot mobiles. So, if you are looking for the best children or baby gift ideas, you should make us your only port of call.

Teaching a young child to take pride in his or her room and always keeping it tidy can be a daunting task, as all parents know. However, children's bookends are a fantastic way to ensure their books are always neatly stacked away. Our fun and attractive wooden children's bookends are available in a variety of superb designs, such as fire engines, ladybirds and cupcakes.

Children's coat hooks are also a great way to make sure their coats won't get left on the floor of their bedroom, and our fun designs will make hanging a coat up more appealing. We can provide both single and multiple children's coat hooks to suit the needs of a bedroom

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