Karate for Kids


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TINY TIGERS (3-4 years & 5-6 years old) - The Tiny Tigers program at dojo van rel will teach your child the early skills that make up the perfect foundation for learning the art of shotokan karate or indeed any other martial art when they are older. At dojo van rel we offer a nurturing, non-competitive environment where your child will learn to improve their focus, balance and coordination while having lots of fun at the same time.

KARATE KIDS - ( 7-9 years & 10-14 years old)Children in this age group are ready to start learning the kata (forms) and kihon (basic techniques) that are specific to shotokan karate. They will also begin to learn some kumite (sparring) in a controlled and safe environment. Karate not only helps your child keep fit and increase their flexibility; it also teaches discipline, focus and self-confidence.

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