Cargo bikes

Regents Park

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I am a mum of two in North West London and have been a proud user of a cargo bike for about 4 years. I initially acquired one for the school run and haven't looked back ever since.

As a family, we do everything with it, school run, shopping, meeting up with friends, going to the park, and I also ride it between dropping off/picking up and going to work. It has truly changed my life. So much so that I am now working part-time with London Green Cycles, one of the few cargo bike specialist retailers in London. If as parents you are considering one in time for the school run, this is the place to discuss it further, gain information on how to go about it and generally helping you with choosing the right one for your family. There is no conditions attached, it's all about spreading the love of cargo bikes and having fun in the process!

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